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Volume 6, Number 3 – May-June, 2006 Issue

In this Edition
1. What If…
2. What Happened to Good Manners and Common Sense
4. Recommended Reading

What if…
Have you ever asked yourself “what if”? or said to yourself “I should have, could have, would have”? Have you ever lamented “if only the time would have been right”, or “if only they had played fair”? Too many people postpone greatness. They do not realize the power they have or take advantage of the opportunities that abound. Success, in whatever it is you want to achieve, comes from a state of mind that believes you can achieve what is in your heart. Do not be intimidated by the initial gap between your dreams or your ultimate goal and where you are now. If you can dream it or visualize it, you can achieve it. Just don’t let yourself get caught in the “what if”.

The cemeteries and graveyards of the world are filled with people who didn’t live up to their full potential, who did not get done the things they had wanted to do, who left behind regrets and disappointment. Don’t let yourself be one of those people. Don’t postpone your attempts at greatness and don’t listen to the dream stealers. Sometimes we think of the million reasons why we can’t do something instead of the one reason why we can. Success requires of being a person of decision, of courage and of action. It may take a couple of tries, but diligence and persistence are characteristics of greatness.

Will you always get what you want? Probably not, but I believe if you have an attitude of “what do I have to do to make this happen”, rather than “what if”, you are on the right track. I love the philosophy of Daniel Lamarre the president and visionary of Cirque du Soleil who sits in his office in either Las Vegas or Quebec City every day and says “A typical day in the office for me begins by asking ‘What is impossible that I am going to do today?’” That is the attitude with which miracles can happen.

Delete “what if” from your mental vocabulary and replace it with “what can I do today that is going to contribute to my dreams?” It is self talk like this that put men on the moon, contributed to revolutions in technology, and even allowed me to put pen to paper and write a book that is now a national best selling book. Without that attitude, I might have been the one wondering “what if?” or “if only…”

What Happened to Good Manners and Common Sense
My friend Jack was recently sharing a story with me which I thought you might find interesting.

Mike is a real estate agent in Jack’s neighborhood. Jack and his wife Sally were in the process of selling there home and they had seen a lot of signs with Mike’s name on them and a lot of homes with sold signs fairly quickly after the “for sale” sign went up. So, inevitably, they called Mike to discuss listing their house. A visit to Mike’s website increased Jack and Sally’s enthusiasm relating to expertise, professionalism and additional services to assist in the sale.

At the appointed time Jack and Sally waited for Mike. Ten minutes after the time he was supposed to arrive he called to say he was caught in another appointment and would be there within a half an hour.

Within the half hour Mike arrived, nicely dressed and looking professional. He started looking around the house, but within moments his cell phone went off. He had a brief conversation and then continued touring through Jack and Sally’s house, pointing out things that would need to be changed. Through the course of the tour, the cell phone went off 3 or 4 additional times, and each time, Mike took the call and handled the situation. As the tour went on, Mike seemed to begin to rush through the house and spent the entire time pointing out the things to fix. At no point did he point out any of the good features of the house, of which, trust me there are many. (I have been to their house and I know).

Now I am no real estate expert, however, what Mike appeared to do at the end of the conversation really upset my friends and made no sense to me at all when Jack shared the story with me. Mike gave them a range that he thought they should be able to get for their house, but gave them a low ball for a listing price. My question is, was he doing this to get a fair price for the house, or to guarantee a quick sale, and hence his commission? My sense is that it was the commission. He most important he most certainly did not get a feel for Jack and Sally or show appreciation for their home.

Let’s explore where Mike missed the boat.

Half an hour late for an appointment? Not calling until you were already ten minutes late? Do you have no value for Jack and Sally’s time?

Answering your cell phone. The first time could be a genuine mistake, however after that, turn the thing off. Three times is rude, unprofessional and unacceptable. Again lack of respect for Jack and Sally as potential customers.

Jack and Sally wanted an honest opinion of their home. This involves a balanced opinion. What features will attract people? What improvements could be made?

Do your homework. Come prepared with some history of the neighborhood and more complete comparables. (FYI Mike came with the listing for one house for sale on the same street. There were two, and he didn’t even know it)

Value the relationship. Mike did not seem to get a feel for Sally or Jack, or their property. It was all about the $$$$ for Mike and his commission.

There are probably many other lessons as you read through the story again but I will leave that to you.

The conclusion to the story is that, of course, Sally and Jack did not use Mike as their realtor despite his visibility in the neighborhood and reputation. Their conclusion was that he likely was the highest selling and quickest selling agent in the area because he low-balled the houses, and people were forced to take the low offers. But if you really get under the surface, Sally and Jack did not go with Mike because he forgot to treat them with respect and compassion. He failed to recognize that they were people with busy lives and a home that they had some sentimental attachment to.

I have changed the names of the parties to protect them. My apologies to all the wonderful sales professionals out there called Mike…

“Character can not be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of travel and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved”. Helen Keller

“Be beautiful if you can, wise if you want to be, but be respected…that is essential” Anna Gold


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