Keynote Presentations

Keynote Presentations

Charles Marcus is an international motivational keynote speaker and impactful business speaker with an innate ability to connect with his audience from the start. People relate to Charles in a very special way. His client’s and audiences call him credible, authentic and real.

Every keynote presentation, breakout session, training program or story Charles shares is unique in nature. He delivers high content and educational value with cutting edge, innovative and practical ideas that inspires, challenge and motivate. His message inspires people to action and delivers immediate take home value and benefit for the audience.

All programs are customized to your event, theme, time frame and audience. Featured below are some of Charles’ most frequently requested keynote presentations. He will work with you to design a program that delivers high value, maximum benefit and desired results for your specific needs and event.

He also believes that when people are “laughing they are learning” his presentations are always fun and can be as interactive as required.

Keynote Topic Descriptions:

Success Is Not a Spectator Sport
We choose to be successful in business and life the moment we decide to step out of our comfort zone to do whatever it takes to reach our goals. Based on Charles’ best-selling book Success Is Not a Spectator Sport, this keynote presentation will help your participants develop the mindset, create the game plan, shape the strategies, and find the discipline and motivation to complete the plays necessary for success. View Keynote Takeaways

Leadership Matters: Creating the environment that is critical to your success
Companies today that are truly successful know how to retain, recruit and motivate the best team. It takes a new way of looking at leadership, a different mindset. This thought provoking presentation challenges participants to take the necessary steps to lead in a different way. View Keynote Takeaways

Dare To Be Great: How To Get To World Class in Business and in Life
Drawing on his personal and professional experiences and his success principles of Vision, Courage, Responsibility and Commitment, Charles illustrates that no matter what the circumstances or fears in life, once you take full responsibility for your own actions, and make that choice to be the best you can be, there is no limit to what you can discover, learn and achieve. View Keynote Takeaways

The Business World is Evolving: Are You?
Whether you are an entrepreneur, sales person or business owner, you must be willing to evolve, be
innovative and stay in tune with your ever changing client base. It is about creating outstanding value for your customers, being a problem solver and positioning yourself and your company as the experts in your field. It is about understanding how business is done today, how it will be done in the future and figuring out where you want to fit and succeed in that changing environment. View Keynote Takeaways

Seize The Moment: Winning In A Changing World
As a person who lived with a severe disability for many years of his life, Charles knows all about taking charge in times of change and creating change when the opportunity presents itself. Charles demonstrates that no matter what change you are experiencing whether in your personal or professional life, we must evolve and embrace new challenges. View Keynote Takeaways

Winning the Heart, Mind, and Loyalty of Your Customers
Today, business is not about just taking an order. You have to nurture a win-win relationship and focus on making the customers or clients feel so important and special that they will not only want your product or service, but will recommend others to you. Drawing on his years of experience, Charles shows participants that no matter how good your product or service is, if you do not build a connection with your customer and earn their trust, you cannot win their loyalty. View Keynote Takeaways

Note: Please ask how you can combine a breakout session along with a keynote presentation for Charles to maximize his time with you and build on the principles he discussed in the keynote presentation. He is already at your event and has built a connection and earned credibility with your audience, so why not use his time with you to make it as value and cost effective focused as possible for your organization. For your budget it’s almost like having two speakers for the price of one.