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Vol 9, Number 6 June 2009

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1.Four Additional Lessons for Taking Charge Of Your Life and Being the Best Person You Can Be
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Four Additional Lessons for Taking Charge of Your Life and Being the Best Person You Can Be
How did you do last month? I had recommended that you focus on one of the four lessons each week for four weeks from the May issue. Remember, focus, commitment, activity and execution drive results. Here are five new lessons for this month. I will check-in next month to keep you accountable and to see how you did.

Acknowledge those who contribute to your life. Never forget to acknowledge the people you work with, the people who help you along the way in all areas of your life. It is so easy to forget sometimes or take for granted the people we admire, respect and value. We all have busy lives, but take the time to send that note, to make that call, to make someone in your life feel special and appreciated. We can never say thank you enough to people. Remember recognition is the number one value we look for in the workplace.

Be Prepared To Fail. Whatever you want to achieve in your personal or professional life, you have to be prepared to fail at first in most instances, to achieve ultimately what you want. Robert Kennedy said “To achieve greatly, you must be prepared to fail greatly first”. How you handle the setbacks and disappointments on the road to success will tell you much about yourself. There is nothing wrong in failure, failure is feedback, nothing more and nothing less. don’t make a big deal out of it, don’t take it personally, but do take time to learn from it. Become a risk taker, prepared to fail, a problem solver, and step out of your comfort zone. Be willing to sacrifice, pay the price, and ultimately go the distance. Never take failure personally.

Look past fear. Fear is ever present in our lives. Fear can destroy ambitions, hopes, dreams, and even your life if you let it. There are all types of fear. For example, the fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown and even, for some, the fear of success. Learn to understand your fears and run towards them instead of running away from them. If you do this and confront your fears you will realize that fear is a coward and a bully, and you can win. There are exercises in my book “Success Is Not a Spectator Sport” about breaking down your fears and being a victor instead of a victim. My good friend Joe Tye says “Fear is a rejection, courage is a decision.” Keep in mind that on the other side of fear is a rainbow called freedom. Just be willing to take that first step and a whole new world of opportunities will open up for you.

Have confidence in your ability. Sometimes each one of us underestimates our abilities for whatever reason. Call it human nature but we often do not think we can do or live up to what is expected or is in front of us. One may not think they are smart or talented enough, or even worthy enough to achieve ones goal or dream. We listen to that negative side of our inner voice, the one saying we can’t do something. Instead we need to listen to that positive inner voice, the one that is saying we can. Your first victory over self doubt and negativity, your most important victory, has to happen first within yourself.

Listen to your heart more, trust it. That is where true strength comes from. It will not let you down.

I will leave you with one final thought. Never stop believing in yourself. You are meant to be, whatever you dream of becoming.

“True power comes from empowering others”
Charles Marcus

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