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Vol 9, Num 4 April 2009

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1. What are you grateful for?
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What are you grateful for?
I love meeting new people and am blessed to get that opportunity in the business I am in and with all the traveling I do.

One of my first mentors taught me to treat life as a theatre; take it all in, observe, be a sponge and listen. Good advice for sure. Recently I was at Toronto International Airport for one of those crazy early morning flights, checking in at 4.30 a.m. Half asleep, I was still alert enough to observe a gentleman with a lot of luggage checking in at the United Airlines counter with me. I was flying to California, he to Somalia.

We got to talking, and following the advice of my mentor I listened. I found out that he had moved to Canada 10 years before, fleeing his war torn country with barely the clothes on his back. He had come to Canada, a new country, learned to speak English, got himself a job in real estate and had worked hard and prospered. Today was his first trip home in ten years. He was taking back full suitcases with goods and gifts for his family and friends back home. What an inspirational story about survival, in itself.

Next, I followed the second piece of advice from my mentor: “Ask good questions.” I asked him what advice he would have for people who want to become as successful as he had and also had to overcome hardships, as he had. And then, I shut up and listened to his answer.

He said you only need two things to be successful: freedom and opportunity. The second criteria, “opportunity”, I believe is pretty obvious to most of us, but the first criteria “freedom”, gave me reason to pause. It made me think of how fortunate I am to live in a country like Canada, where, while we have our problems like anywhere else, the country is democratically elected and we have freedom of speech and travel.

It actually got me thinking about what I am grateful in my life and that, before speaking to this gentleman, maybe I took for granted. It actually gave me goose bumps hearing that answer said with full eye contact and with such passion. I hugged my new friend as we parted and wished him safe travels, impressed with him in so many ways. Isn’t it nice to hear these kind of wonderful stories, with all the negativity, gloom and doom we are hearing right now in our world.

What are you grateful for in your life? Now is a great time to think about this.

What opportunities is life offering you right now?

Do you live in a country where you have the necessary freedoms?

I know personally, I am grateful and blessed to live in a country full of freedoms for me and my family and that in my business allows me tremendous opportunities.

I am grateful for my health every day. I am grateful for my wife Mary and my two kids, Rachel and Daniel, the loves of my life. I am grateful for the incredible opportunity I have as a professional speaker to touch peoples lives and inspire them. I am grateful to the incredible people and clients who support me every day and for their friendship. I am grateful for all the support I get and friendships I have made through my speaking associations in Canada and the USA, and the international federations around the world. I am grateful to my friends who are there for me and I hope I am there for them

I am grateful to YOU the reader who takes time to let me in your inbox every month and busy lives, and for your loyal readership. Thank You…

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become, what you believe.” Oprah Winfrey


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