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Vol 8, Num 4 – April 2008

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1. 6 Ways to Empower Yourself to Success
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6 Ways to Empower Yourself to Success

1. OPCDET: Meeting people from all walks of life over the past 30 plus years has taught me many valuable lessons and given me great insight. One constant truth that stands out for me is that Ordinary People Can Do Extraordinary Things. I have seen it demonstrated time and time again. Achieving success is not always what you think it might be; it is what you believe it will be. Never doubt your abilities. Do not ever sell yourself short. Each one of us has an incredible gift inside of us and can truly achieve extraordinary things. We just have to dig down deep sometimes, believe in ourselves and tap in to our greatness. Remember “the impossible is just the untried”.

2. Be a Person of Integrity: Integrity, in my opinion, is doing the right thing, having other people’s interests at heart, helping other people, taking the high road, and being a good person that people look up to and admire. True integrity is also doing the right thing when nobody is looking to give you the pat on the back or the accolades. If you do not have integrity in your life and you do not treat people well, you are living your life in the shadows and have nothing. Your personality is how you act; your character is who you are.

3. Don’t Just Talk a Good Game: Talking is great and many of us are very good at it. We can talk a good game, including myself, but the true barometer of success is when you stop talking and start doing. This is when you start taking action for your success, become 100% responsible and accountable to yourself. One of the key attributes I have observed from successful people in all walks of life is they are doers not talkers. They are action focused.

4. Desire versus Deserve: How many times have you heard someone say “I deserve this” and “I deserve that.” Wrong! Nobody deserves anything! There is no entitlement, life is about desire not deserve. Life is not always easy. It can be tough and cruel, but it can also open amazing opportunities for each and every one of us. Determine what you desire and the price you are willing to pay and the sacrifices you are prepared to make to achieve your goals and then go to work on your plan of action. Forget about deserve, that is for the wishful thinking, always focus on what you desire.

5. Comfort Zone: If you do not take risks, embrace change, accept new challenges you will join the majority of non achievers in this world. You have to be prepared to distance yourself from the status quo, continually challenge yourself to try new things and risk rejection, people judging you, and failing occasionally along the way. The confident, the bold and the courageous step out of their comfort zone at every opportunity. They are fearless and their philosophy is cutting edge. Although the risks may sometimes be great, the rewards of success are even greater!

6. Do not take your eye of the ball! Today we have so many distractions, we are all so busy and there is always so much to do and so little time. As I write this piece in my office, there is a lot of construction going on around me. I can hear the noise and could easily get distracted. The internet is beckoning me to play and explore. There are phone calls to make, e-mails to send. Sound familiar? You have to be able to discipline yourself to focus on the task at hand and finish it, not to getting sidetracked or take your eye off the ball for one minute. Master this art of disciplining yourself to finish the most important tasks at hand right now and you will be well ahead of the crowd.

“The heart that loves is always young” Greek Proverb

“Let your past be your teacher not your jailer” Charles Marcus


Sales on the Line by Sharon Drew Morgen
Although this is not a new book by any means and the sub title is “Meeting the Business Demands of the 90’s Through Phone Partnering,” I believe the message is as relevant today as it was then. Using the phone for business success can be challenging, uncomfortable and hard at the best of times. The techniques in this book will help to make using the phone more comfortable, easier and even fun.

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