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Vol 8, Num 10 October 2008

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1. The Things Kids Can Teach Us
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The Thinks Kids Can Teach Us
My two kids, 6 and 8 recently were asked to help in a fundraiser for their respective schools. It involved selling magazine subscriptions. This project involved going door to door in the neighborhood where they live. This is not an easy gig, even for the most seasoned of sales people. But off they went, knocking on door to door with a big smile on their faces each time eager to share what they were offering and why, regularly facing the “no thank you,” or “not right now.” or “bad timing” Instead of cowering from one rejection after the other, they courageously went on to the next door. In fact, I don’t think the “no’s” fazed them one little bit.

Observing them got me thinking about the things kids can teach us all about winning and losing, handling rejection, being positive and focused, never taking things personally and asking for the sale.

I thought I would share some of my observations and lessons I certainly learned from them and their friends.

1. Kids are fearless. They do not even know what defeat looks like. Rejection and setbacks are not even on their radar screens. People saying NO to them does not faze them one bit.

2. Kids never stop asking questions, wanting to know the why, how, what does that mean.

3. Kids are positive, upbeat, and enthusiastic. The excitement shows in their face all the time.

4. Kids don’t quit. These kids would have stayed out all night to make more sales.

5. Kids celebrate the successes rather than wallow in the failures. The “no’s” did not get them down, but the “yes’s” certainly spurred them on.

6. Kids do not take rejection personally. Disappointment does not register with them in the same way as most adults. My kids and their friends would not give up.

7. Kids are always ready; up for the battle with their game face on. This task was simply a new experience or opportunity for them.

8. Kids ask for the sale; the order. And they have an interesting perspective on the objections!!!!

Somewhere along the way, opportunities can turn to challenges and what is an exciting new experience turns to drudgery. Imagine what we could do in the world if we could harness that childhood enthusiasm and let it loose on our everyday tasks.

As an FYI to the story, all the kids on our street did pretty well with their subscription sales from their project and we were all proud parents on our street.

“The only edge we have on our competition is the quality of our employees as reflected each day by the job that they do” Bill Darden Founder, Red Lobster Restaurants


Secret Service by John R. Dijulius

This is a great book on providing unforgettable customer service for your clients, customers or guests. There are lots of good concise examples by the author, and it is an excellent read with stories applicable to any industry or profession. I enjoyed this book very much and highlighted a lot of stuff. It is indeed a wealth of information with relevant personal stories which always works well in my opinion.

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