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Vol 7, Num 5 – September-October, 2007

In this Edition
1. Lessons I Have Learned
2. Kelsey Grammer: A Survivor
3. Inspirational Quotes
4. Recommended Reading

Lessons I Have Learned
This is a story I came across a little while ago, and have adapted to my own. The original author is unknown.

I’ve learned that it takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it.

I’ve learned it’s not what you have in your life, but who you have in your life that counts.

I’ve learned that you can get by on charm for a short time, after that you better have some substance and something to say.

I’ve learned that people only get back to you when it is important to them, not when it is important to you.

I’ve learned that the impossible is just the untried

I’ve learned that true strength comes from the struggles, defeats, and the challenges that we overcome.

I’ve learned that with the right attitude you can keep going long after you want to give up

I’ve learned that most people are good people. (of course there are always the SOB’S in the world, but most people are good.)

I’ve learned that family means everything.

I’ve learned that to have a grateful heart, to help others, give back and to enjoy the journey of life, it makes each day that little more sweeter.

I’ve learned that being polite and having good manners are a dying art. Those who do will stand out from the crowd.

I’ve learned that money does not buy class.

I’ve learned that you should never take your loved ones for granted. Cherish them. Life is so short.

I’ve learned that even with all the bad and negative things that happen in our world, we live in the most exciting and wonderful of times. Opportunities are knocking for those who are prepared to open the door.

Kelsey Grammer: A Survivor
For those of you from another planet Kelsey Grammer is a highly talented TV star. He starred on the award winning Cheers show for nine seasons as the character Dr Frasier Crane. This character went on to it’s own show called Frasier also with Kelsey in the leading role. This show lasted 11 seasons and was a 4 time Emmy Awards winner.

Most of us have heard about his battles with drugs and alcohol, his spells in rehab and jail and how he has always bounced back it seems, with a smile on his face. However, what I certainly did not know until recently was about the other tragedies he has suffered in his life.

When Kelsey was 12 his grandfather, who had been a major player in his life, suddenly died. A year later his father shot himself to death. In 1975 Kelsey’s sister, Karen, was abducted, raped, slashed and abandoned. She bled to death. Karen was only 18. Kelsey was left to travel to Colorado Springs to claim his little sister’s body to take her home to Florida for burial.
Karen’s death opened up an emotional hole that he found impossible to close. “I was young, 20. It was very hard, I was disconsolate. I tried to understand why people I loved died. Why did they have to suffer? There was no uplifting answer”

Kelsey Grammer has been through so much tragedy and triumph, but he is a survivor who has somehow managed to ride the terrible, tragic times in his life, dig down deep and bounce back. Today he is sober, drug free and has been that way for 11 years with the love and support of his two young children and his third wife Camille, who also nearly died herself in 2004 from illness. She had actually been given last rites, but today is well again.

Grammer has a new TV show starting this fall on Fox TV in the US. Life is good for him and he seems a man now content. He has been through much, and as a celebrity his life has been in public view for all to see.

Reading about his story has given me a fresh perspective on what is important and what it takes to make it in a tough world. I also have new found respect for the man and for life. In his own words: “Those early losses helped me understand that we only have a limited time in life”

“When your face is down in the dirt —- you have a whole new perspective on life” Sharon Stone

“It’s much easier to create an impression than to change one” Common quote


Triumph Over Adversity by Kate Adamson
Kate Adamson survived one-in-a-million odds to enjoy the success she has today. I don’t want to give away Kate’s story, so read the book! It will make you realize how precious life is. Kate uses the “gifts” of her tragedy to capture your hearts and inspire you to also live your dreams.

The Process of Excelling by Roger E. Herman
This book will help you discover how to lead yourself and others to high performance and excellence. It will teach you techniques that will help you build individual and team performance. There is a wealth of information in this book. Good stuff.

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