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Vol 7, Num 3 – May-June, 2007

In this Edition
1. Against All Odds: The Graham Webb Story
2. Top Nine Ways to Good Health
3. Inspirational Quotes
4. Recommended Reading

Graham Webb was born with undiagnosed congenital spina bifida in London, England at a time when little was known about it. He lived in government subsidized housing with his family and became a high school dropout at 15. When he left his school, Northbrook, in London in 1961, his final report called him “lazy, silly, bone idle and apparently content to remain so”. This may appear to be a recipe for disaster, but Graham chose to beat the odds. In fact, in 2000 he returned to Northbrook to accept a lifetime achievement award.

Graham Webb also recently became a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE), recognition. In fact, Graham Webb is a fine example of beating the odds, persistence, overcoming adversity and never giving up.

One of the keys to Webb’s success is that he never took no for an answer. A born entrepreneur, he made light of the 62 job application rejections he received as a teenager and went on to build an incredibly success business empire in the hair and beauty industry, Graham Webb International, a multi million dollar hair and beauty company.

Graham Webb also recognized the importance of alliances and a special mention should be made of Webb’s business partner, Robert Taylor who was the mastermind behind the blockbuster success of Softsoap. He was also the brain behind the marketing of the Obsession and Eternity Fragrances by Calvin Klein. They worked together on the success of Graham Webb International.
Graham Webb is an example to us all that adversity makes us stronger if we do not allow it to defeat us, that the impossible is just the untried, to never take “no” for an answer, rise above your challenges and that courage is magnified in many different ways.

I had the pleasure of meeting Graham Webb personally in 1999 and also selling his exciting evolving product line for a period of time and I can testify first hand to the quality of the person as well as to the quality of his products.

I was recently having lunch with my wife at a local Sushi restaurant. The following was actually written on my teacup. I thought it was great wisdom and worth sharing.

The heading was “Top Nine Ways To Good Health”.
1. Less Alcohol ——- More Tea
2. Less Meat ——— More Vegetables
3. Less Salt ———– More Vinegar
4. Less Sugar ——— More Fruit
5. Less Words ——– More Action
6. Less Greed ——— More Giving
7. Less Worry ——— More Sleep
8. Less Driving ——— More Walking
9. Less Anger ———- More Laughing

“Never look desperate for business even when you are, never show it” Charles Marcus
“You can’t pick up people by putting them down” Dr Lew Losoncy


My First Book of Business Ethics by Alan Axelrod
If you are a busy business executive person, this book offers essential advice and practical tips in a format even a child could understand. In fact anybody who wants to learn more about being ethical in business would get a lot out of this book.

Learn To Power Think: A Practical Guide to Positive and Effective Decision Making by Caterina Rando
This book is so beautifully put together. Not only is it visually stimulating with its coloring and graphics, and texturally exciting, but it is full of lessons, ideas and relevant stories about changing your thinking and changing your life. The stories are excellent and helpful to making life changing decisions.

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