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Vol 14, Number 2 March-April, 2014

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1.  5 Keys to Speaking Success
2.  Monthly Inspirational Quote
3.  Reader’s Choice – Recommended Reading

5 Keys to Speaking Success


I am asked many times how I have achieved success and longevity in the speaking industry. Over time, I have identified 10 things that I believe make the difference. I am sharing 5 keys this issue and 5 the next. I believe, though, that these 10 keys apply not just to speaking, but any profession where you need to connect with and impact other people.
  1. Learn everything you can about your chosen field or profession. Join associations, attend networking events, reach out to people, hire a business or success coach. You can never have enough knowledge. I joined the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, attended many networking and business events, and reached out to people who I considered the top in my industry for advice and help. In the start especially, I did hire people to help me with my business like a speaking coach, business coach etc.

  2. Get really, really good at your topic of interest. Your goal is to be seen as the expert or one of the very best in your chosen field or profession. Set high standards and never accept second best.

  3. Look at yourself as a PARTNER. I have always considered my clients and speaker bureaus not as people I work for but people who I PARTNER with and represent. It is also always about them. The value and results that you deliver for them.

  4. Be strong and resilient. Setbacks are going to happen, how do you handle them? To be in any business arena you have to be strong, accept and learn from mistakes and setbacks, and bounce back. Always believe in your abilities but be prepared to accept constructive feedback and develop a new game plan.

  5. Use your time wisely. Learn to say NO to people. When you are in your office, be present and set time for work, particularly the work that is not your passion. Allow for no distractions. Set time to network, follow-up, stay in touch.


______________________________________________________________________ Monthly Inspirational Quote

“In life you do not always get to choose the role you play, but you always get to choose how you play it”

Sami Jo Small



Recommended Reading


Reader’s Choice   

This issue, you tell me? Inbox me. You tell me what you are reading right now, who the author is and why you feel that way?, I will share what I consider the three top choices and will notify the winners and send each of you signed copies of my best-selling book Success is Not a Spectator Sport.

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