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Vol 11, Number 5 May 2011

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A World Class Experience
I stayed over last night in Buffalo, NY before driving home this morning home to Toronto. I booked the hotel through Hotwire, which means that you don’t know where you are staying until you have paid for it. The hotel turned out to be Salvatore’s Garden Hotel. Never heard of the place before nor the restaurant they own also nearby. Sometimes you stumble on greatness in the least expected places.

I ate at Salvatore’s Italian Garden on the Buffalo Airport strip. What an experience!! If you are ever in the area, please do yourself a favor and eat there. They bill themselves in their brochure as creating the Salvatore’s Experience. Generally, talk is cheap, right? Not in this case. Salvatore’s delivered in every way. Last night was one of my most memorable meals and dining experiences in my life, and that is saying something. Let me give you some thoughts on why that was, what stood out for me, and how you might be able to integrate some of the ideas in to your own business or service.

1. Consistency of service from the minute I walked through the door. Nothing was too much trouble. Everybody willing to help each other in order to serve the guest, and they all knew their job. A smile costs nothing, means everything.

2. Kevin, my server, did not try to push things on me. He was attentive, professionally did his job and then left it up to me to decide. He was not pushy.

3. Even though the place was packed, I was never left hanging. I was treated as an important guest and during my two and a half hours in the restaurant two managers came up to me to enquire about my meal and overall satisfaction. On leaving the owner’s son was introduced to me. They treated me and every guest like a VIP.

4. There was no visible effort involved. Although people were working extremely hard, everybody knew their place in the team and helped each other. They made it look easy. The mark of greatness.

5. They served incredibly good food at a fair price. They delivered what they said they were going to do and gave so much more in value and service.

6. I would call this old school service. This is sadly lacking today. Generally speaking service is average at best, at least in the world I travel. It makes service like I experienced at Salvatore’s stand out.

To summarize:
give your customers what they want,
pay attention to every detail, nothing should be overlooked,
be consistent and treat every guest old and new like a long lost friend.
provide value and service and never take anything for granted.
I experienced a Friday night in Buffalo to remember, no wonder the place is packed every night. Bravo Salvatore’s, I will be back.

“Those who serve are those who rule”

The Art of Facilitation By Dale Hunter and Others

This is a book from my wife’s library actually. In a nutshell it is a great book for people in the business world who want to lead great meetings and create tremendous group synergy. It is filled with lots of wonderful information on the art of facilitation. I really enjoyed the read and found the facts and statistics fascinating.

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