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Vol 11, Number 3 March 2011

In this Edition
1. 10 Business Rules for the New (and Old) Economy
2. Monthly Inspirational Quote
3. Recommended Reading

10 Business Rules for the New (and Old) Economy
This month I will include five rules and next month another five.

Rule #1: Have a Clearly Defined Purpose

What do you stand for as an organization?
What values, credo or mission do you align with?

Yes, people do work for money but to me, there has to be a higher meaning. A compelling WHY you do what you do

Rule # 2: Do Everything You Do with Passion

Is your approach contagious and sustaining?
Do you drive action in your organization?
Do you hire or engage with people who bring passion to what they do?

Passion is one of those intangibles money can’t buy. Go in any Apple store and you will see associates smiling and passionate about their products. I read once: one person with passion is worth 40 people merely interested.

Rule #3: Have a Plan

What is your game plan for success?
How are you going to achieve your personal or your organizational goals?
What is your next step?

All great companies have a plan of action, be it a strategic, financial, marketing, or business plan. You have to know where you want to go in order to get there. Work your plan.

Rule # 4: Promote

How do you get your company products and services known?
How do you create a buzz or demand for what you do?

There are many ways to get yourself known. Social media is big today and the old standards of direct marketing, advertising in print, radio or TV still apply. A must is a great, easy to navigate website. Get yourself out there offering value. For example write articles or have a blog. Or maybe try the old fashioned “doing something creative to get your name out there”. A new florist in my town had staff standing at the local train station handing out free roses to all the ladies on Valentine’s Day. Be creative!

Rule # 5: Understand your Target Audience or Customer

How do you build a connection to your customer’s needs?
How do you demonstrate that you can solve their unique needs?

Today it is all about the customer, building that connection, finding out what the customers unique needs are and then focusing on finding solutions that fit that need. It’s about asking great questions, analyzing of what they are looking to achieve, listening to them 100% of the time.

“Power comes from empowering others”

( Shut up, Move On ) By Paul McGee

Great book by a terrific guy I had the pleasure of working with recently at several international events. Paul challenges you in this book to think about what you really want in life. He shows you that by taking responsibility you can fulfill your potential, seize opportunities, enjoy better relationships and succeed at anything you set your mind too.

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