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Vol 10, Number 9 September 2010

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1. Never Give Up
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Never Give Up
I was reading recently of a grandmother in South Korea who passed her driving test after failing 950 times. Yes, you read correctly, 950 times. After four years of trying and failing, 68 year old Cha Sa-soon who lives in Jeonju, 130 miles south of Seoul, finally achieved her dream.

She wanted her license so she could sell vegetables and other and take her grandchildren to the zoo. Her determination to pass the test made her well-known at the Jeonju driving centre. “She is really famous here. Not only the employees, but even some test-takers know her too,” an official was quoted as saying. Mrs Cha has become something of a celebrity in her town and in all of South Korea. Her story has hit a cord with people.

After her 775th failure – Mrs Cha said, “I believe you can achieve your goal if you persistently pursue it. Never give up on your dream, like me. Be strong and do your best.” At that time and had appeared undaunted by her many attempts and failures.

The spirit of this lady is truly amazing and should be an inspiration to us all of what can be accomplished if you believe in yourself, are fearless and stick to the goal.

“Failure is just another opportunity to begin again more intelligently”
Henry Ford

How Successful People Think By John Maxwell
I’m a big John Maxwell fan. I like his books, the content and the simplicity of the messages. This book on how successful people think is no exception. This book will teach you how to be more creative, to think clearer and to question popular thinking. It shares eleven keys to more effective thinking. With these, you’ll clearly see the path to personal success. It’s a small book, a very fast read but worth it.

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