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Vol 10, Number 5 May 2010

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1. The WOW Factor and the Little Things That Mean So Much
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The WOW Factor and the Little Things That Mean So Much
When was the last time somebody said to you, “you WOWED me!!” We are always looking for the competitive edge in business today, differentiating ourselves from our competition. Organizations throw around buzz words like branding, culture, mission statement, but how often are these words and not action?

I say, talk is cheap, very cheap actually. Actions are better than intentions anytime.

Don’t get me wrong, branding yourself or your organization can be useful; having a mission statement that rallies people around the customer, and having a culture that matters are useful… but call me old fashioned. Never mind what you say you are going to do, never mind about your fancy website with all the bells and whistles, your fancy brochures. WOW me! How do you make a great first impression on me when I call your office? Do you care about me as a person and have my best interest in mind instead of yours? Do you deliver world class, and I mean world class customer service? Get the picture? It is about actions, not words.

Here are some of the ways I have been WOWed in the last month or so during my travels.

Flying premium business class from Vancouver to Auckland, NZ with Air New Zealand ( using my frequent flyer points to upgrade ) was a complete WOW. From the great food and wine, the large pod seats and the in house entertainment selection, to how the crew knowing just the right moment to put my pod seat into a full bed with a duvet for me to sleep and bring me that energizing smoothie as I was waking up. And as we were departing in Auckland, Bruce, the service director on the flight, went to every passenger in the business class cabin to shake their hand and thank them for flying Air New Zealand, and asking us about our experience and what we were going to be doing during our visit. The whole experience was flawless. The whole cabin crew were experienced, professional, caring and exceptional

Then there was Diana at the ANZ, New Zealand Bank in downtown Auckland. She personally closed her booth, came right out of the branch to make sure my debit card did not get lost in the machine outside of the bank, something I was concerned about, as has happened in the past to me. Diana even brought her mobile phone with her in case there was a problem to notify the staff inside the branch. I am not even a customer of that particular bank, I was just using their ATM machine. A WOW!!!

The charming couple on the ferry dock at the stop past Mosman Bay in Sydney, when I missed my ferry stop and did not have a mobile phone to call my client who was waiting to pick me up. They saw me in panic mode and gave me their mobile phone to call my client and explain I would be late. I could have been calling anywhere, they never even checked, It may seem a small thing, not to me, they did not have to do that. It gave me a WOW about the people of Australia

Finally, in March I was in New York City and decided to visit the world famous Macy’s Department store. I was looking for a silk black shirt and was told that was the place to go in New York. I went in to the store just as it was opening at 10.a.m. Now I am an observer of life, and as I walked in to the men’s section of the store I noticed senior managers and supervisors going to each associate in the store, greeting them by first name, thanking them for their contribution to Macy’s, asking them how their families were and wishing them a great day. Is that a WOW to start the day if you are an employee of Macy’s? Can you imagine how encouraged and appreciated each associate felt that day? This, in my mind, it is what leadership is all about, WOWing your employees, making your team feel special and important instead of you…

What kind of WOW Factor are you going to deliver this month to your clients, employees, and people in your life? Remember, it is not always big things, remember the little things also mean so much. “It’s the value we are not obliged to give that people value the most.” JC Penny.

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better” The Late and Great Jim Rohn.
(RIP Sir…)

50 Management Ideas You Really Need To Know by Edward Russell-Walling

I picked this book up at Sydney Airport to add to my collection for my long flight home recently. Firstly, the book is attractive. I also found the title very interesting. But most importantly, the book delivers on so many levels. It gives you great concepts to live by in business and your daily practices, excellent examples from so many companies, and great quotes from key thinkers. It is a wonderful introduction to the best of management thinking on a global level.

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