Keynote Presentations

What Clients Are Saying About Charles

“Charles was one of our international speakers at our recent World Management Forum in the Middle East. He was a superb addition, top rated by the audiences amongst several other great speakers from all over the world. He is easy to work with, entertaining, a person who truly cares and you wont find a more passionate, engaging and thought provoking speaker anywhere. Charles inspires and educates his audiences with his superb energy and compelling style. His words are well chosen, insightful and his perspective refreshing. He knows how to get the best out of people. He is a real star!! We are looking forward to inviting him back next year”                                                                                                                                                                            World Management Forum

“Thank you very much for your involvement in helping to make our annual Gala & awards dinner a truly special event this year.

Your speech was both inspiring and uplifting. Everyone I spoke to after the event told me that they had been positively impacted and touched by your story. It was certainly a lesson in how personal strength and determination can triumph over adversity. You are a powerful, passionate and persuasive speaker, and  have a unique ability to ignite an audience into action which makes you one of the most exciting, relevant and memorable speakers that I have experienced.

I look forward to working with you again some day soon. On behalf of myself and the CanRad team, thank you.

Craig Barton, Senior Vice President of Sales, CanRad Beauty

You took the time to understand our organization and what drives us to ensure that your message would hit home. A great speaker connects with the audience and holds their interest. You definitely achieved this.”
American Express Corporate Services

“Wow! I have to let you know that everyone was so impressed with how well you knew TD Canada Trust and could refer to very relevant company results and comments by some of our leaders. This made your message so meaningful for us. The managers have not stopped talking about you.”
TD Canada Trust

“The vice-president for our region stated, ‘Your talk was one of the finest, most customized presentations that I have ever seen.’ … The feedback we received from your talk was a straight 5 across the board for your presentation.”
Clarica Financial

“The feedback from your talk to our financial security advisors and management team has been phenomenal. You were terrific, and a breath of fresh air. While I had heard a lot about you and you came highly recommended, you surpassed even my expectations.”
Freedom 55 Financial

“You were awesome, a wonderful start to our conference and a real pleasure to listen to. We all felt inspired by your story.”
The Special Olympics

“Your words were chosen with great care and the message and content were tailored to exactly what our group was looking for. Each person was able to take your words and apply them to their own personal situation and now realize that most problems can be overcome. Your calmness while presenting was both motivating and peaceful.”
International Association of Administrative Professionals

“You clearly hit a home run Charles with our sales and service team. Your true life stories and experiences on customer service and relationship selling made your insights and thoughts even more real to us”
Bank of Montreal

“I look for people who understand both the importance of motivating and inspiring people to make a move towards improving their lives, but also have a legitimate plan of action. Charles is that type of speaker, consultant and teacher… He is kind-hearted, funny in his style, and direct in his message. I was thrilled with the mastery of his audience, and was overjoyed by the results.”
John Paul Mitchell Systems

“Your heartfelt and insightful presentation made a tremendous impact on our group.”
Royal LePage

“You were ‘right on the money,’ you inspired, informed and educated our highly successful associates, as well as making them laugh.”
Fundex Investments

“You were clearly in tune with our challenges, issues and successes… I was even more impressed with the way you tailored your message for us.”
Ontario Association of Credit Counseling Services (OACCS)

“Exceptional. This is the word that comes to mind in reference to your close to our recent sales meeting… You were able to connect your powerful story and tremendous message in a way that made it personal for us and connected to our industry.”

“Your message and insights not only helped to re-energize our managers but gave them relevant ideas and strategies on motivating their own teams.”

“You offered the audience a dynamic combination of creativity, visualization and an ability to focus not only on the big picture but also on the many tiny details of life that make the magic… 90 percent of the participants indicated that your motivational speech was the favourite part of their day.”
USC Education Savings Plans Inc

“We required a world-class speaker for this special event to set the tone for the two day seminar. You more than delivered on all counts… You have an innate ability to ‘speak the language’ of your audience, in this case some of the future business leaders of Canada, and to keep them riveted for the entire presentation.”
McGill University

“The rousing standing ovation that you received from the 1,600 people present showed us that you not only won our hearts and admiration but that you also made us feel so proud and special about the work that we do”
Prince Edward Island Teachers Federation

“I’ve heard many of these speakers over the years and thought I had heard it all…Charles got me!”
Ratner Companies

“You live your message. Words like sincere, inspiring, credible, honest, entertaining and awesome were echoed by the attendees we talked to afterwards… A lot of speakers say they customize, you truly go to extraordinary lengths to learn about your audience. I know your prep work was extensive and that impressed us greatly.”
Canadian Tire Financial

“You may not know this but in my 23 years with Investors Group, I have probably listened to hundreds of keynote speakers from all walks of life at various conferences and meetings. I can name but a few of them. Most speakers are good, even excellent; they have to be, to reach an Investors Group Podium. But few are memorable. You, Sir, are MEMORABLE.”
Investors Group Financial Services, Inc.

“One behalf of the McDonalds IT Team, thank you for your courage, passion and delivery of a fantastic presentation and inspiring message”
McDonalds Corporation

“Spectacular… Blew the audience away… off the charts. Thank you Sir Charles.”
Schneider Electric

“Charles Marcus is one of the great motivational speakers and storytellers of the 21st Century”
The Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation