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Interesting Approach

I went to a bank I deal with this morning, it is not my main bank anymore but I keep a small account with them and make transactions from time to time. This morning I went in to do a deposit and the cashier told me I would have to wait  five business days for the check to clear. That had never happended before to me. I asked why and was informed I was not a regular customer these days. Interesting I would be penalised for that. I was then asked which bank I dealt with the most, when I told her, the answer was why dont you do this transaction at that bank then. I told her I would, asked to speak to the manager and closed my account. You would have thought the person would have tried to win my business back instead of treating me like she did. Now they have lost what little buiness I did with them. the manager was not much help either. I say good riddance but shabby to treat people that way.  Value everybody you do business with, big or small.

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