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An Issue of Sour Grapes

I recently updated my website. I had five venders completing for the task, I choose who I considered the best company in the end for the job and am delighted and very pleased with the work and results.  I let the other companies know of my decision, thanked them for their interest in working with me and wished them well in the future, something I always do. One of the companies had expressed an interest to see my site after it was up and running so I sent them a link. Response was nice design and then a tirade of what in their opinion was not right with the search engine optimization on my site and in block capitals, the words I would NEVER have sent a site out like this. In England where I am from we would call this sour grapes or being a poor loser. In business today, always take the high ride, never diss the competition. If this would have been me, a better response, Hi Charles, great site, thanks for sharing, a few suggestions re your SEO, if interested please let me know, maybe I can be of service and help to you in this regard. Again great site…..This way, maybe we would have done business together, the door was open, the way it was sent to me, we will never do business, I have lost all respect for that person. The irony was some of their comments were valid, some not as we were still in the testing stage at that time, but will now use someone else to help us where we feel we need it.

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