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Vol. 13, Number 4 July-August 2013

There is a saying in Latin that goes: Nil Satis Nisi Optimum. In English it means “nothing but the best will do”. This resonates with me, and says it all. Here are eight things WINNERS do that they have in common.

Vol 13, Number 3 May-June 2013

This edition gives you 9 principles that focus on excellence.

Vol 13, Number 2 February March 2013

I am a big fan of Les Mis. I have seen the stage version around the world six times and enjoyed it each time. Out of curiosity and skepticism, I recently watched the movie, and found it excellent as well. Anne Hathaway, the USA born actress who picked up the Best Supporting Actress award at the recent Oscars, was full of passion. Her outstanding performance as Fantine and her version of “I Dreamed a Dream” was impactful and inspirational.

There are many lessons we can take from Anne Hathaway, both in business and life, in her winning the prestigious role of Fantine in the movie:

Vol 13, Number 1 January 2013

2013 The start of a new year. This is a wonderful time to take stock and reflect on the year gone by, the triumphs you achieved, the times you shared with family and friends, the good choices you made in business. But in order to grow and develop both personally and professionally, you also have to look back at and acknowledge the things that challenged you, the things that did not go so well. here is nothing wrong with setbacks, in fact, I believe that if we don’t have obstacles to overcome along the way we won’t learn and grow. Thomas Watson, the founder of IBM, once said, “If you want to increase your rate of success, you better be prepared to increase your rate of failure.”