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Vol 10, Number 2 February 2010

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The Keys to Productive Networking (Part 1 of 2)
Networking is a fact of life, whether we believe it or not. We all need to network, reach out to new people, whether it is professionally, personally, career or business focused. Please do not kid yourself, we are all in the relationship building game whether we are building sales relationships, relationships within our organization to make getting things done easier, relationships with prospective employers if we are in job search mode, or relationships with people who have the same social interests as we do.

Here are some simple but practical and easy steps to follow for those of you who are new to networking, and reminders or new tips for those who feel they are old hands at the game of Networking. As Mark Twain said, “We can’t remember everything we need to know. We need to be reminded sometimes.”

1. Think Long Term
Things do not happen overnight. Be patient, build those relationships with people, earn their trust and respect first. Building the right connections takes time.

2. Ask yourself, “How can I help this person”
Go into every networking interaction thinking WIIIFTOP (What Is In It For The Other Person). Think of them and not YOU. Most people think the other way, particularly in networking situations. Be different. It takes time and practice, but practice does make perfect. To be interesting to other people, you must be and prove you are interested in them first. Talk 20% of the time and listen attentively for 80% of the time. Perfect this art. It will serve you well.

3. The Power of Questions
Following up from point 2, a dying art form for average person is the art of asking questions. For winners and savvy people, the art and power of asking great questions is alive and well. Here are some ideas for you in your interactions with people: How can I help you with your business? Who can I put you in contact with? What is your biggest challenge right now? What keeps you up at night? And the statement: Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if I can be of help or service to you. Keep in mind, these also have to be genuine and sincere; you must mean what you say.

4. Nurture Relationships for the Future
Many of you know that people do business and help people they like and trust. Networking needs to be about planting seeds that will benefit you (and them) in the future, not just today. Plant those seeds, make connections for the future. Keep in mind as well, that every meeting with someone is a chance to make a great impression. Be prepared always.

5. Attend Networking Sessions and Join Associations that You are Interested in
This one may sound like a no-brainer but it’s not like ordering a pizza, it won’t come to you without you going after it. You must do your homework, and attend only the networking sessions that are right for you. If you are uncomfortable or shy with meeting new people, take a course. There are many out there. To be in the game, you must get in the game first. Rule number one, is to show up.

To be continued in next months newsletter.

Copyright 2010: Charles M. Marcus

“Life is about being brave and bold, having courage, showing up, trusting people and doing your best.” Charles Marcus

There is nothing really new in this quote, but it is a often forgotten formula

A Slap On The Back Of Your Head by Giulio Veglio
This is a candid, inspiring, heartwarming and courageous book packed with life lessons and terrific insights about what it takes to be truly successful in business and in life. This is must read for anyone who wants to increase the chances for success and happiness now.
On a personal note, I have known Giulio for several years through my work with Paul Mitchell schools but never knew Giulio’s life story until now. It truly is a fantastic read. It will touch your heart and stir your soul. A classy beautifully put together book by a very classy guy.

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