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One Word Goes a Long Way

Consistency is a word I don’t see often enough in my day to day activities. I see people delivering it fantastically well like when we hired someone to do our deck last year in our backyard but did not see it when we followed up last week to obtain a quote to do more work from the same person. The person did not even show up for an apt. I see it sometimes with great hotels, airlines, stores, restaurants, airports but that is the exception not the norm. Sadly again it is very much hit and miss, hot and cold. It truly baffles me. The truth is the world is surrounded by lack of consistency, service at best is truly average, people having good days then not so good, sales professionals being on one day and off the next. In my work I like to think that I am a consistent performer, one of the characteristics I have found with sucessful companies and people is consistency.

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