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Vol 9, Num 3 March 2009

Unless you have been living in a cave or have been extremely lucky, the recent world wide economic downturn has impacted you in some way. We only have to read the newspaper, turn on the television, and closer to home, look at ourselves or someone close to us to see the impact. I only need to look at my investments in the stock market, and my business is feeling the pinch too. The consensus among my peers is that individuals and organizations are being very cautious and thinking twice before spending money on things that could be seen as luxuries as opposed to necessities. This includes on conventions, events, and speakers.
Consider the following 5 points as you assess something as an investment or a cost. more

Vol 9, Num 1 January 2009

A homeless man in Manchester, England, has been given an opportunity to turn his life around after a chance meeting with movie casting agents for the upcoming Guy Ritchie production of Sherlock Holmes starring Jude Law and Robert Downey Junior. more

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