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Volume 5, Number 6 – November-December, 2005 Issue

The Rolling Stones were in my city of Toronto last month playing at the Air Canada Centre as part of their latest world tour. The show was a huge hit, with rave reviews. What struck me was why the Rolling Stones, four guys who are almost old enough to collect their old age pensions, are still on top of their game after over 40 years in the music industry!, and they still are one of the highest gross earning and top bands in the world today. (And as we all know in the business of selling, the numbers do not lie.) more

Volume 5, Number 5 – September-October, 2005

If you want to lead a world class life, guess what? You have to become a world class person first. The big question is, how? Here are six things to consider on your journey to World Class. more

Volume 5, Number 4 – July-August, 2005 Issue

As a professional speaker I find myself flying quite frequently and am regularly at airports. Like many frequent flyers, I try to stick to one particular airline or airline association; frequent flyer points do generate loyalty. In my case, I try to stick to Air Canada or its Star Alliance partner airlines. This will generally get me anywhere I want to go with a convenient routing and schedule. However, I fly with these airlines because of convenience not necessary always by choice. The service is okay, but nothing special. Do I feel like I am a valued customer? Not really. The staff is pleasant, usually. They are also occasionally rude and sometimes surly, but rarely memorable. more

Volume 5, Number 3 – May-June, 2005 Issue

Any of you who have heard me speak know that I talk in all my presentations about first impressions and how it is much easier to create an impression than it is to try and change one. They say you never get a second chance to make a great first impression. People judge us and sometimes make up their minds about us in the first 10-30 seconds of meeting us or speaking to us on telephone. They decide if they like us, if they trust us, and most importantly, if they want to build a relationship or do business with us. more

Volume 5, Number 2 – March-April, 2005 Issue

How do you see the people you do business with every day? Do you see them as an inconvenience to your day or an important and integral part of your day? You are probably saying to yourself “What a silly question? Of course I see them as an important part of my day!” Well let me tell you, I do a lot of traveling in my work as a professional speaker and I interact with people all the time at airports, hotels, restaurants, etc. and my observations across both Canada and the United States is that a lot of people see customers and other people they connect with in any particular day as an inconvenience to their day. more

Volume 5, Number 1 – January – February, 2005 Issue

We cannot mark the start of a new year without marking the tragedy of the recent past. The regions affected by the quake and the resulting terrible tsunami tragedy gives me reason to pause, reflect and consider the things that really matter most in life. I wanted to also take a moment to send personal condolences from me and my family to all the victims and people affected by this terrible disaster and tragedy. Our hearts goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones and whose loved ones are still missing. The devastation and horrific magnitude of what happened is so tragic and sad. more