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Vol12, Number 1 January 2012

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I often laugh when I think of the infamous rant by former NBA basketball star Allan Iverson in 2002 when he was asked in a press conference, about his coach Larry Brown, who had questioned his work ethic for missing team practice sessions. It became a You Tube sensation. He ranted on and on about practice and differentiated the importance of the game over practice. We can all form our own opinion about what he was trying to say, but I believe Iverson was saying that he was above practice, that he was a superstar in his own mind who did not need to do what all the other players on the team he played for needed to do…practice.

Well, it should come as no surprise that I believe Iverson is dead wrong. To me in any profession or vocation, practice is the key to success. Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest NBA player to play the game of basketball, practiced religiously. He attributed this to his success, spending all those extra hours in the gym, shooting ball after ball in to the net, practicing his shot, building up his skill and stamina.

It does not matter if you are my 12 year old son practicing for a presentation at school, a highly successful actor honing your script, a sales person who wants to communicate with his prospects and clients better, or a professional musician, practice is the key. Of course this comes with the discipline and commitment to practice as well.

Speaking personally, I have taken the discipline of practice seriously. This applies to overcoming my stuttering, getting better as a sales professional, or preparing a new presentation as a professional speaker. Striving to get better through practice is about perfecting your art or craft, being the best you can be, challenging yourself, keeping on raising the bar.

Your task: Write down one thing you can practice this month that will help you improve. Focus on that one thing and practice, practice, practice!!! I am sounding like Allan Iverson now so, better stop!______________________________________________________


“Dad, you don’t have to be big to think big”

My (almost) 10 year old daughter Rachel



I’m recommending a DVD this month. The film has been out since 2010. I may be biased because I had the honor to work for his company and meet him personally many years ago, however, Vidal Sassoon, the Movie, tells the incredible story of a person who went from rags to riches with a pair of scissors. It is not simply a story about a transformational hairdresser, but a story about a man who found success doing what he loves and revolutionizing the profession to a science and art form..

For those of you who do not know who Vidal Sassoon is, he is a person who “changed the world with a pair of scissors” (which is the byline in the movie). Today still the most famous name in the hairdressing world. There are lots of valuable lessons from the story that can apply to all of us. Be ready to take down notes, especially the part where Vidal talks about when the doubters who say it can’t be done. Great stuff.


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