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Vol 9, Number 7 July 2009

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1. How to Motivate and Lead Your Sales Team to Success
2. Monthly Inspirational Quote
3. Recommended Reading

How to Motivate and Lead Your Sales Team to Success: Building and motivating a top sales team starts with leadership.
Leadership is getting people from where they many want to go to where they need to go. It is about being able to make the tough decisions, even when they not be popular, however doing so with a compassionate heart. The best leaders never stop learning and listening, they make their sales team feel important and special, let them take the accolades.

And the number one role of a good leader is to…:

Hire the right people from the get go. This begs the question about who the right people are.
People with great attitudes and enthusiasm,
People who could take direction but were also self starters.
People who are not set in their ways
The questions that you want to answer in the interview process:
Are they people person’s?
Are they self motivated and self starters
How do they react to rejection and constructive feedback?
What drives them?
Do they enjoy selling?
Will they represent you with professionalism?
Will they be team players?
Will they be credible with the clients?
Are they passionate?
Are they interested in understanding the industry, or is this just one more sales job for them?

Do you know what the success profile is for a sales representative in your organization or with your clients? Answering this and designing your recruitment strategy around this will be step one.

So now, let us assume you have hired their right person, now what, Here are 11 Key Components?

1. Get out of the office and spend quality time with your sales team in the trenches.
2. Have a true open door, collaborative policy
3. Be clear what is expected of them.
4. Reward and celebrate individual and the teams’ performance.
5. Let people know what’s happening, and involve them in change.
6. Give them what they need to succeed.
7. Make sure you have the support infrastructure there for them and focused on the same goals.
8. Be ready to have tough conversations and make the tough decisions.
9. Know your people. This means personally.
10. Make people part of the decision making process.
11. Have 100% belief in your team and let them know you will go to bat for them.

In four short sentences:

1. Hire the right people
2. Train them and provide the right tools
3. Support them and coach them in the field
4. Empower them to take action to serve their clients.

“Keep away from people who try and belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too can become great”
Mark Twain

Life: A Trip Towards Trust by Kevin Kelly
It is not often that I am truly grabbed by a book from page one. This book did that to me, taking me on an incredible journey, like a roller coaster that I found it hard to put down. It draws on so many raw emotions and touches on so many levels; the title is so appropriate. Kevin Kelly reveals so much about himself and his life in this book. His terrific Irish storytelling and humor kept my intrigued and with a smile on my face and sometimes a tear in my eye. A really interesting read, well done..
You can also visit the author’s website at to learn more about Kevin, his books, professional speaking services, newsletter, other resources etc.

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