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Vol 9, Number 11 November 2009

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Not Just Another Rock Band
Over 30 years ago, four young friends from the same high school in Dublin, Ireland got together and decided to form a rock band. Their dream at that time was big and ambitious. It wasn’t just to form another rock band; it was to become the biggest band in the world. These four lads made a pact with each other that they would persist until they accomplished their goal, and then stick with it.

Today in 2009, U2 have sold well over 100 million records, with the number increasing every day. Even today, they can still sell out huge stadiums for multiple nights. I can attest to this, having seen them recently at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. The stadium, that holds 65,000 people was sold out two nights running. This is no mean feat for a group who released its first single some 29 years ago and released the seminal “Joshua Tree” album over 20 years ago.

This group of lads, approaching their 50’s is arguably recognized today as being the biggest rock band in the world by their peers and fans alike. Bono, the most high profile and most controversial figure of the band is a great guy, loyal to his pals, and an extreme humanitarian. When I heard him speak recently about the band’s humble beginnings and struggles, I could hear the choking in his voice, the pride he felt when talking about what they have achieved and the people who believed in them during their early days.

In the rock culture of drugs, egos, alcohol, abuse and addiction, where so many of these bands and their members go off the deep end and/or fall out with each other, U2 somehow manages to stay normal. They seem so regular and down to earth, and they still actually like each other after all these years and stay friends. They are four equal partners in achieving a dream that started 30 years ago. I saw it on that stage in Toronto last September for myself. This type of connection cannot be faked.

They meticulously prepare for every concert, make it seem so fresh each time they perform, they give 120%, are flawless and impeccable in their delivery and performance and send their fans home happy wanting more. What a great metaphor for success that is.

I have always admired how U2 have refused to compromise their convictions. They stay true to their principles, do not sell out, and are very proud of their Irish heritage and true to their roots and fans. There are no scandals. They are role models for sure and they have fun and enjoy themselves in the process.

My hat off to U2, as you can see I am a big fan, but even if I wasn’t you have to admire, integrity, talent, humility, longevity and excellence.

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are”
John Wooden


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