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Vol 8, Num 6 June 2008

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1. Leaving a Legacy of Excellence
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Leaving a Legacy of Excellence
Over the last few months, I have faced the sad passing of people I grew up with, people that stood for something when I was growing up, and people who were prominent in the world I work in and in my life. For those of you who are of a certain age, you may understand this. Those of you who are younger, this may be something that you will face in the future. However, no matter where you are in your life, it is important to think about the legacy you leave behind, whether it is when you move from one job to the next, or one life to the next.

As you carry on your personal journey through life, here are a few important things to think about to ensure your legacy is one of excellence.

Ask tough questions of yourself. Never settle for the status quo, think always in terms of exceeding expectations, not just meeting them. Set your standards high and keep raising the bar.

Ask yourself: “How I can serve and add value to other people’s lives? Always give world class service and extraordinary value to everybody you meet and come in to contact with.

Make a contribution to your community, your favorite charity, or another worthy cause. Get involved in something you are passionate about and believe in, but do it for all the right reasons. Integrity and leaving a legacy of excellence is doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.

Make every day exceptional for other people not just yourself. Treat every person you meet as the most important person you will meet that day. Listen to them and make their day!

As I have often said in my presentations around the world, at the end of the day it is not about the money we have in the bank, the fancy material toys we possess. All that is very nice, but we can’t take any of that with us. The only things we can take with us at the end of the day are our deeds. How many lives did we touch? How many people did we impact? What value did we deliver? What service did we provide? What contribution did we make to the community? These are the true meanings of leaving a legacy of excellence!

“The world is full of people, some willing to work, the others willing to let them. Which are you?” Robert Fisk


Close Like the Pros by Steve Marx
The author is an expert on the powerful strategy of interactive selling. It will change the way many of you look on the sales process after you have read it. There are good insights, and a common sense value to it all. I enjoyed it and will keep it as a valuable reference in my resource file.

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