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Success Newsletters

Vol 13, Number 3 May-June 2013

In this Edition

1.  9 Principles for Excellence
2.  Inspirational Quote
3.  Recommended Reading

9 Principles for Excellence

  1. RESPECT…Treat others the way you would like to be treated
  2. INTEGRITY…Act with the highest ethical standards
  3. RECOGNITION…Celebrate the achievement of others
  4. QUALITY…Strive for excellence
  5. PERFORMANCE…Deliver what was expected
  6. TIMELINESS…Deliver on time
  7. INNOVATION…Encourage creative thinking and intelligent risk taking
  8. BUILD TEAMWORK…Put the needs of the team ahead of your own
  9. BUILD COMMUNITY…Give back to people less fortunate than you

Monthly Inspirational Quote

Fear is the reaction, courage is the decision   Joe Tye

Recommended Reading

Kilimanjaro, a Trekking Guide to Africa’s Highest Mountain  By Harry Stedman   Many of you have asked me about my upcoming trip to trek+climb Mt Kilimanjaro. Here is the definitive book about it for all those interested.
This is simply the best book around in my opinion of everything associated with the climb and journey. Brilliant and informative! It is an interesting read even if you do not want to go there.


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