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Vol 12, Number 6 Summer 2012

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Nice Guys Do Finish First

Kevin Durant may not be a household name to many people outside of basketball followers, but he has a story about commitment and dedication that is worth telling. At high school with a passion for basketball but not living close by, he had to take two subways to get to school on time, even at that he choose on his own accord to be at school at 6:30 in the morning when the gym opened so he could “shoot hoops” for two hours by himself before joining with the rest of the high school team for further practice before school started. He also practiced after school every day not getting home to late in the evening and still having to do his homework.He was committed, loved the game, and was dedicated.

But he wasn’t just dedicated to the game, he was dedicated to the team. A star in the making, his high school coach says that despite his obvious talent, for him it was about the team and doing what was required to help the team win.

On Tuesday, June 12, 2012, Kevin’s high school coach watched him play with the Oklahoma Thunder in the NBA final opener, the NBA team he has been committed to since 2007, his first and only team in the NBA to date. The Thunder lost the final series to the Miami Heat but that was no disgrace. The Heat in the end were the better team and deserved to win the title. Kevin Durant would be considered today as one of the true top rising superstars of the NBA, a quiet leader for his team, incredibly talented, with youth on his side and a maturity beyond his year’s. He has a strong work ethic and, most important, he portrays, in this ego driven multi-million dollar sport, a humbleness and humility which is to be admired.

Don’t get me wrong here, he still earns his millions of dollars a year, but it is the way he goes about his business that earns him the respect and admiration of many. He still plays for what would be considered a very good but small market team compared to the bright lights of the New York, Chicago and LA teams. His mum, his biggest fan, is always in attendance at games and to see mother and son embrace after each game is refreshing.

Dedication, tenacity, strong work ethic, commitment and, of course, talent, are traits that come to mind about this terrific young man. Staying humble and grounded, staying true to himself, being respected and passing the credit on to others sets Durant ahead of the crowd.

Kevin Durant is a winner, a champion. Although not by name yet, sooner rather than later his team, the Oklahoma Thunder will win the NBA championship with him as their leader. He will gain recognition by staying loyal to his teammates and doing it with them instead of leaving for a team who may win sooner.

This month he heads to London, England, selected to play for his country, the USA in the Summer 2012 Olympics, staying true to himself, Kevin Durant is a sportsman, a role model and an example to many. All this and still only 23 years of age.

Monthly Inspirational Quote

“They laugh at me because I am different. I laugh at them because they’re the same”

Kurt Cobain


Recommended Reading

Nelson Mandela. Portrait of an Extraordinary Man By Richard Stengel

I was recently in South Africa and picked up this book to read on the long plane ride home. What an eye opener. I thought I knew a fair amount about Nelson Mandela from reading about and seeing TV programs about him. Richard Stengel was granted special visits by Mr. Mandela, countless hours of interviews and conversations, and he was allowed to travel with him on many of Mr. Mandela’s trips, becoming a trusted friend. This book, however, is certainly not sugar coated; that is what makes it so fascinating. It shows many sides of the great man: stubborn, complex, genius, humble, the list goes on. It is one of the best reads I have had for a long time and allows you a glimpse in to Nelson Mandela’s world. Richard Stengel has done a stellar job here, a top writer.

Footnote: It was Nelsen Mandela’s 94th Birthday this week. Happy Birthday Sir!!!

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