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Vol 12, Number 2 February 2012

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5 Game Changers

I am going to South Africa at the end of April for business and pleasure, and I am very excited. It will be my first time to that beautiful country.

In doing my research I came across the term: “The Big 5”, which was coined many years ago by hunters related to the five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt, based on the degree of danger and for the difficulty in hunting them on foot.

It got me thinking, what are “The Big 5” in business? From my perspective, here they are.

  1. Impact: Everything we do and say, has an impact on people. People are judging us all the time, weighing us up, and making a decision as to whether we are worth listening to. Impact, is a statement about you and what you are all about. There is only one chance to make a great first impression. With impact you can influence people as well as to impress them. One is short term, the other can last a lifetime.
  1. Connectibility: I have said this many times, “relationships are the key to success in any business or other endeavor.” My first boss in sales, Joe, used to say,“Who are you breaking bread with”. What he meant was, who are you were spending your time and connecting with from a business perspective? this will have much bearing on your success. Build relationships based on trust, mutual respect and win win situations. Always be looking for opportunities to connect with people.
  1. Clarity: Clarity makes crystal clear to people what your message is. Too many people speak in what I call “gobblety goop.” Their message is not clear. It is not succinct, and the outcome is not guaranteed. Clarity is power…it lets people truly understand what you are saying to them,  there are no misunderstandings.
  1. Sustainability: Sustainability refers to staying power. To have longevity in business, you have to evolve, stay current, know the future trends influencing your business…where it is going, continue to grow your capability, and be willing to reinvent yourself if necessary. It’s about innovating and renovating what you do and delivering world class service and value for your clients.
  1. Resilience: This concept means bouncing back and staying the distance… hanging in. I call it “guts”. The ability to endure and persist.  In any sales related business it includes making those phone calls, sending introductions out and sending follow-up thank you notes. It means not wimping out with an email when a call or face to face meeting is needed. Risking rejection and disappointment. Great business people are truly gutsy.



“You always pass failure on the way to success”
Mickey Rooney


How to Drive Your Competition Crazy     By Guy Kawasaki

One of the beautiful things about books is you can put them on your bookshelf for weeks, months or even years and then discover them again.. This is exactly what I have done with this book. It has been around a long time, but after re-reading this book I now realize why I enjoyed it so much. The message, lessons and information ring true today as they did years ago. It is perfect for anybody in business, especially in entrepreneurs or sales and marketing professionals. A truly informative read.

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