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Vol 11, Number 9 October 2011

Exciting News! My new, updated website is now live and available at Please check it out. It is easy to navigate, to find information, view videos and link to my blog, facebook and twitter feeds.

Let me know what you think of it please.

I still have some available dates in South Africa during my visit in April 2012. If interested in possibly combining my trip to speak to your group or organization, no international air fares from Canada to pay, please contact me directly for more information at

Have a fantastic month!!

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In this Edition

  1. Burn the Boats
  2. Monthly Inspirational Quote
  3. Recommended Action (this month)

Burn the Boats

There are many different variations of this story but whatever the real truth is, the lessons and message of this great story are so important that I feel they outweigh the clouded and conflicting facts.

Legend has it that in1519 famed Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes left Cuba and landed on the inhospitable shores of Veracruz, Mexico to claim the gold and treasure of the Aztec population as part of the colonization of the Americas for Spain. The Aztec Empire had withstood and staved off all enemy attacks for hundreds of years.

Cortes had at his disposal 11 ships with 100 sailors, 530 elite soldiers, some mercenaries and slaves, a medical team, carpenters and some heavy armory. They landed, set up camp, gained intelligence,, paid local informers for information, formed local tribal alliance’s and waited for the right time to attack. Cortes was a patient military strategist. However after months of waiting, his soldiers grew impatient, disease was setting in, motivation and morale was getting low, the climate was unforgiving and taking its toll. Cortes knew, ready or not, it was time to attack.

The night before he had chosen to attack he sent his trusted and loyal lieutenants back to the harbor with one simple instruction: “Burn the Boats.”

He gathered all his troops and told them what had been done. When they asked him how they were going get home, he replied, “We will leave in the enemy’s boats with the gold and treasure after we have defeated them.” Cortez and his army despite overwhelming odds fought a ferocious battle with the Aztec warriors. Many soldiers were lost on both sides, but the Spanish invaders won the battle, took the treasure and went home in the enemy’s boats.

I often think of this story when facing challenges in my own life or as I prepare for a presentation. If we did not have any Plan B, if there was no retreat, no way of going back, how much harder would we try?, would we work? Failure becomes not an option.

Next time you are facing a challenge and your back is up against the wall and the odds seemingly impossible, remember Cortez story and “Burn Your Boats”

Inspirational Quote of the Month

“Talent wins games, teamwork wins championships”

Michael Jordan

Recommended Action (a different strategy this month)

This month is not a book recommendation, although the person has many. This month I am recommending that you do yourself a favor. Search Jim Rohn on the internet or go to his website at There you will find many quotes, ideas and resources to make you think and challenge you to get better at what you do and who you are.

Jim Rohn passed away in 2009, but what an influence he has been on my life and those of millions of other’s, a philosopher, speaker and genius whose legacy continues to inspire motivate and change people every day.

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