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Vol 10, Number 7-8 Summer 2010

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Build Your Dream Team
I realized a long time ago that no matter what you want to achieve in life, personally or professionally, you have to surround yourself with good people who are supportive, committed, and competent at the skills they bring to the team. It is rare, the goal that you can accomplish completely on your own.

Whatever you might want to achieve in your own life, you need to surround yourself with good people. I call this “your dream team.” This is a team that is there to enable your success and provide support and skills you may not have.

I am currently training for my first marathon that I will run in October of this year. While I did run when I was younger, marathons were never a goal. Since turning 50, I have ran three half marathons but for me, as I approach 59, a marathon is a big deal. Many of you, who are not runners, might say “why bother.” Those of you who are runners likely get the draw of such a challenge.

This type of challenge takes an incredible amount of commitment. For me, 19 weeks of an intense training program to build up stamina. I need to stick with it at home or on the road, no excuses.

Here is the team I have assembled to help me with my marathon:

1. The Running Room. The Running Room is a chain of specialty stores focused on runners. They provide running gear and running equipment for the most advanced runner to the novice. They also provide training programs to enable your successful training and running. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. They really know their stuff and give me great support in person or online.

2. Mark, the personal trainer: Mark works with me once a week, focusing on my conditioning and strengthening of muscles in my legs and core. He also spends time on stretching exercises that are vital to the training.

3. Debbie, the massage therapist. I see Debbie every few weeks for a 75 minute intense massage focused on relaxing and loosening my muscles and releasing any knots. Being pro-active like this, helps to cut down on injuries. Once I get in to the second part of my training schedule, I will see Debbie on a weekly basis.

4. Aaron, the doctor. I hope not to see Aaron but the reality is injuries do occur and one needs someone in place to identify the problem quickly and explain what you need to do to recover as fast as possible.

5. My Family, the cheering section. Without the support of my wife Mary and my kids, it would not be so easy for Dad to take so much time on training, especially those crazy long Sunday runs that can take hours to complete. My kids meet me along the way with extra water and energy gels.

6. Runners World, the magazine. This is a terrific magazine I subscribe too that focuses on runners, and gives me so much information on training, nutrition, and other things that support my success.

7. My speaker friend and running expert Dave Howlett. Dave is always there when I need to ask a question or need that little push.

This is my goal oriented dream team helping me complete my 19 week training program for my marathon. Hopefully this will give you some insights and ideas for building your team to complete whatever it is that is near and dear to you. Good luck in your pursuit.

Copyright 2010: Charles M. Marcus

“Create a culture of excellence over indifference”
Charles Marcus


The Leader Who Had No Title By Robin Sharma
It is no secret that I am a big fan of Robin Sharma. I have enjoyed all of his books and admire his success in the speaking world. He conducts himself with integrity as a human being that is to be admired.

Robin’s latest book is no exception to the rule. Based on a modern fable about real success that applies equally to business and in life, the book is filled with words of wisdom and great anecdotes. It is a great read. Get your highlighter out!

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