Beyond the Keynote

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Sample Programs

Success is not a Spectator Sport
This program takes the participants through a step-by-step approach to building their own success strategy. Each participant will leave with an individual road map for success for their personal professional lives.

Leadership Matters
Targeted to corporate managers or leaders, business owners, etc. this session has each participant leaving this program with a detailed leadership plan and a fresh perspective on what is needed to be a great leader in today’s business environment. This session has been supported with optional assessment and/or individual coaching.

Winning the Heart, Mind and Loyalty of Your Customers
Participants leave with cutting edge information and insights as well as an action plan they can execute to create a world class experience for their customers. This session can also go into further depth related to relationship selling.

It has been used to:

  • introduce the concept of “sales” to individuals who do not recognize sales
    as their responsibility.
  • support existing sales people to take their relationships with their clients to
    the next level.

The New Rules: Taking Your Business to the Next Level
This workshop introduces to participants the marketing, communication, sales and service strategies for help them stand out from the crowd and take their business or careers onto the next stage of development. Participants identify which strategies will best serve their specific situation and create an action plan to execute post the session.

Success Roadmap for the 21st Century
This program is based on the concepts from “Success is not a Spectator Sport,” however a blended learning program combining e-learning, webinar and telephone coaching. It takes participants through the creation of their own success strategy to the execution of that strategy. The concepts have been implemented as part of the career development portion for college grads, who create a post-graduation success strategy. It has also resonated with companies who frequently hire a large number of recent grads who have used the program as part of their orientation. Participants create a success strategy to navigate their early careers with the organization. It has been seen as a successful retention strategy for this volatile group of employees. This program is generally tailored to the organization.

Coaching & Consulting
Through our exciting partnership with OrganizationDynamic Inc., we are able to provide our clients with a full range of coaching and consulting services.

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