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Taking Responsibility

I recently ordered some business cards from a supplier. I felt they were not done satisfactory. I was disappoined and I contacted the company who did the cards to tell them so.  A strange thing happened that surprised me. The person I spoke too was receptive, showed empathy and was genuinly interested in my situation. He cared about what had transpired and when I explained it in detail, he agreed with me that they had made a mistake and gave me some options for putting it right at no expense to me. How sad it is, in this day and age that somebody taking responsibility and having a willlingness to put it right should be the exception rather than the rule and get you excited.

Usually one has to scream and shout, threaten legal or social media action to get a company to take action.  It seems just common sense and good business to help the customer to be satisfied but as the old saying goes “what’s common sense is not always common anymore”

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