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July – August, 2007

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1. 10 Ways to Get Over a Sales Slump
2. Impressions of Dubai
3. Inspirational Quotes
4. Recommended Reading

(Keep reading, even if you are not in sales, as the same principles apply, whatever your profession or business)

Sales is not for the timid. It is a tough, hard, uncompromising, an emotional rollercoaster but it can be so, so rewarding. . When you hit the inevitable wall from time to time, remember why you got into sales in the first place and that you are in good company. Go with the flow. If it were easy, everybody would be successful doing it. As Robert Schuler said: “Tough Times don’t last, but tough people do”

We all go in to sales slumps at one time or another, I certainly have had my share of them over the years. One of the most asked of questions at my sales presentations is how to get out of that slump. I hope my pointers below will help you the next time you hit that wall:

1. Never take the rejection or people giving you the run around personally. It rarely is. Think about Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield when they were trying to sell their Chicken Soup Books concept and they got rejected time and time again. There words to each other after every rejection was NEXT!!! They ended up as NY Times Best Selling Authors with one of the most ingenious concepts in the book and publishing world ever, still going strong today.

2. Continue working through your slump. The biggest mistake individuals make is to get discouraged and give up. Make the phone calls, call on your prospects, force yourself to stick to your routine. Giving up or wallowing in self pity or feeling sorry for yourself is going to get you nowhere except deeper into the slump. It is your mental ability and discipline to focus and stay motivated that will get you through that day.

3. Look for small victories. Getting momentum is everything. Grasp on to anything that you can see as a positive, a victory and or even a small advance, and then build on it.

4. Analyze what is working for you and what is not working. Be brutally honest with yourself. If something is consistently not working for you, then change what you need to change.

5. Know when your best time in the day is to make your sales calls. Mine is roughly from 8.a.m to about 3 p.m. That is when I am at my best, most alert, sharpest and energetic. Obviously I can’t dictate every apt or meeting, but that is certainly when I try to schedule andl focus on my main marketing

6. Keep your discipline. Put everything you have in to each call or visit. Prepare for each call or meeting meticulously. Don’t rush them. Go for a walk. Recharge..whatever you have to do to be fresh and always be prepared for the next call. Make every call a quality call. Sales is not just a numbers game, it is a quality numbers game.

7. If speaking on the phone, have good body language. While the person can’t see it, they can feel it in your voice. Always smile

8. If making a personal visit, take extra care to look the part. First impressions and perception are everything, and when you are in a slump, it can creep through in your demeanor.

9. Keep a positive attitude at all times, be mentally, emotionally as well as physically prepared for action every day. Psych yourself up for your day. Fake it if you have to.

10. Always believe in yourself. Know that things will turn around if you follow the tips above. Don’t play the blame game, taking it out on anyone, making excuses, and certainly do not lose your cool with your customers or prospects. Again, never let your frustration show. Be meticulous at follow up and keeping in touch with people. Be accountable to yourself.

Finally, once you have worked yourself out of your slump, learn from the mistakes that got you in this position in the first place. Never take your sales success for granted.

When you are busy and your sales funnel is full, is the time to be stay focused and keep doing what you do best. Keep feeding the funnel. Sales professionals know this. Never stop marketing, or get complacent. You will pay the price if you do. My premise is that success is never permanent and failure is never final.

I have had many questions from my readers, and attendees at my presentations about my impressions of Dubai, having just come back from my first trip there. There was an incredible amount of interest so I am going to take time below to give you all my thoughts.

Dubai is a fascinating place, very exciting with incredible change taking place. The vision of where Dubai is going is amazing. What has been accomplished so far is something remarkable especially when you do your research and see where Dubai was 30, 20, even 10 years ago compared to where it is today. I loved the food, culture, openness, hospitality and warmth of the local people of Dubai, and the diversity that comes from so many nationalities coming together in one place, some of the buildings and architecture is truly spectacular.

The hotels in Dubai are amazing, the service flawless everywhere you go. It is also incredibly safe day and night. I walked the streets even in the early hours of the morning, no problems.
The malls are truly something to be seen. Imagine a ski hill in a mall. This exists in the Mall of the Emirates. Imagine skiing inside when it is 115 degrees outside.!!!!!

Having said all that, incredible change sometimes comes at a very heavy price and that is certainly true for Dubai. Right now the city is like a construction zone. Traffic is chaotic day and night. While the modern features of the buildings in the city are spectacular, I hope Dubai does not lose its identity and culture in pursuit of being the biggest and the best at everything. Having a heart and soul and identify is what makes a great city.

The planners also have to make sure that the necessary infrastructure is in place to support a population that is growing so rapidly. As we speak two modern subway lines are being built at a rapid pace to hopefully alleviate some of the traffic problems. The million dollar question is will people forsake their cars to travel on the subway in Dubai.

If you go to Dubai, take time to get out of the city, visit the desert, take one of the tours to the east coast or the mountain regions. These areas are truly exceptional. Be respectful, however, of local customs and also be respectful of the heat. I know to my peril about that.

Shop until you drop. Dubai is a Mecca for shopping. Everything is there.
Would I return? In a heartbeat. It is a very long way from my home in Canada but I hope to return to do business there in the near future. In fact the whole region of the UAE looks fascinating. Go with an open mind, be respectful of local customs and enjoy Dubai and one of the wonders and jewels of the modern world with an old world twist.


“Swallowing angry words before you say them is better than having to eat them afterwards”
H. Jackson Browne

“If you always ski the easy run, you never learn. You must fall down to learn”
Bobby Valentine

Chocolates on the Pillow aren’t enough: Reinventing the Customer Experience by Jonathan M. Tisch with Karl Weber
Catchy title and great read by the Chairman and CEO of Loews Hotels. He knows all about the customer experience. It is a really easy read, terrific personal stories, lots of information given, very well put together.

Make it Happen by Brad Tonini
Brad Tonini has written an excellent book on the keys to personal achievement and how to achieve outstanding results in business and life. The philosophy is simple, the wisdom given is priceless. Check out Brad’s website also at

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