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Reproduced with permission of the author. Charles Marcus is an international motivational speaker. For more information on Charles, please visit his website at Copyright 2007-2011. All rights worldwide reserved.

Each newsletter includes feature articles, recommended reading, quotes and other valuable information.

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Vol 12, Number 7 September-October 2012

This month demonstrates the difference between measuring your contribution by task or by outcome.

Vol 12, Number 6 Summer 2012

Kevin Durant may not be a household name to many people outside of basketball followers, but he has a story about commitment and dedication that is worth telling.

Vol 12, Number 5 May 2012

In May 2012, an icon in the hair industry and one of my mentors, Vidal Sassoon, passed away. This edition features some of my pivotal lessons from this great man.

Vol 12, Number 4 April 2012

This month shares some musings from Twitter.

Vol 12, Number 3 March 2012

This months article tells the story of a young boy with the courage to stand up to discrimination and bias.

Vol 12, Number 2 February 2012

This month’s newsletter features an article on th “Big 5” game changers based on the “Big 5” game from South Africa.

Vol12, Number 1 January 2012

This newsletter speaks to the importance of practice as a tool to your success.