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Vol 11, Number 10 November 2011

Shares a personal story of receiving world class customer service, and the lessons to be learned. more

Vol 11, Number 9 October 2011

What would you do if failure was not an option? Important lessons can be learned from the story of the spanish explorer Hernando Cortes who left the instruction to “burn the boats”… more

Vol 11, Number 8 September 2011

Greetings, I am back after my summer break and ready to go for the busy fall season. Lots of travel planned and some local dates…more more

Vol 11, Number 7 July 2011

Peak performance is a commitment to your physical/mental/spiritual being and to your personal growth and development at all times. Peak performance, in my opinion it is not something you can switch on and off; it is what you commit to and strive for always. It is not just about business and achieving goals. It is also about balance between work and family, friends and fitness. Finding the right combination for each of us is personal, but I will share with you 6 Characteristics that have worked for me along the way. more

Vol 11, Number 6 June 2011

As I travel around the world, is it just me, or does customer service get worse? In my observation there is too much inconsistency, people not taking responsibility for their role or sticking too closely to their job description. I am seeing too many people not taking a pride in what they do or the people they service. more

Vol 11, Number 5 May 2011

I stayed over last night in Buffalo, NY before driving home this morning home to Toronto. I booked the hotel through Hotwire, which means that you don’t know where you are staying until you have paid for it. The hotel turned out to be Salvatore’s Garden Hotel. Never heard of the place before nor the restaurant they own also nearby. Sometimes you stumble on greatness in the least expected places. more

Vol 11, Number 3 March 2011

There are many ways to get yourself known. Social media is big today and the old standards of direct marketing, advertising in print, radio or TV still apply. A must is a great, easy to navigate website. Get yourself out there offering value. For example write articles or have a blog. Or maybe try the old fashioned “doing something creative to get your name out there”. A new florist in my town had staff standing at the local train station handing out free roses to all the ladies on Valentine’s Day. Be creative! more

Vol 11, Number 2 February 2011

In business and life today: It’s not enough to be good, you have to be great, It’s not enough to be impressive, you have to be influential, It’s not enough to be a winner, you have to be a champion

It’s not enough to be creative, you have to be innovative more

Vol 11, Number 1 January 2011

Reflect on what is truly important to you, what is working for you, what is not. Be brutally honest with yourself. What would you like to change? How can you do things differently to get you where you want to be? more