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Vol 8, Num 12 December 2008

In my best selling book, Success is Not a Spectator Sport, I devote a whole chapter to the art of communication. In this newsletter, I would like to discuss a few further points on this, your greatest asset.

Vol 8, Num 11 November 2008

Today, in tough economic times around the world, everybody is looking for an edge to stay ahead of the crowd. People are looking for new creative and exciting stuff to blow their competition away. The old saying “necessity is the mother of invention” applies, as organizations look to re-invent the wheel, think outside of the box, and find that competitive edge.

Vol 8, Num 2 February 2008

Set the right tone every day. Leaders guide and inspire. To do this you must be consistent and make what you stand for clear. Everybody in your organization should be crystal clear about what is expected of them. There should be no grey areas, mixed messages or doubts coming from your leadership. Lead by example. Live your message, values, principles, and vision yourself every day. This sets the right tone.

Vol 8, Num 10 October 2008

My two kids, 6 and 8 recently were asked to help in a fundraiser for their respective schools. It involved selling magazine subscriptions. This project involved going door to door in the neighborhood where they live. This is not an easy gig, even for the most seasoned of sales people. But off they went, knocking on door to door with a big smile on their faces each time eager to share what they were offering and why, regularly facing the “no thank you,” or “not right now.” or “bad timing” Instead of cowering from one rejection after the other, they courageously went on to the next door. In fact, I don’t think the “no’s” fazed them one little bit.

Vol 8, Num 9 September 2008

To achieve anything in your life, you first must believe in it totally. This means believing both in your heart and your mind. Belief is the lightening rod for all other essentials of achievement. If you do not believe it, you will not achieve it, and if this sounds so simple, it is..

Vol 8, Num 8 August 2008

One of my early mentors in the hair industry, and one of my role models for success, excellence and having fun was John Steinberg. I have a lot of time and respect for John and all he has achieved in the hair industry. This book is a collection of stories written in John’s special style, with wit, an English sense of humor and with the terrific contribution of Alexandra Innes. Do not let the title fool you, this is not just a book for people involved in the hair industry, the stories, analogies and lessons apply to everybody.

Vol 8, Num 7 July 2008

I was going through some old notes from my high school days in Manchester, England and came across some historical stories which I thought were as relevant today as they were all those years ago when I learned them. Actually at the time they probably did not mean as much to me as they did when I re-read them recently. I wanted to share them with you below.

Vol 8, Num 6 June 2008

Over the last few months, I have faced the sad passing of people I grew up with, people that stood for something when I was growing up, and people who were prominent in the world I work in and in my life. For those of you who are of a certain age, you may understand this. Those of you who are younger, this may be something that you will face in the future. However, no matter where you are in your life, it is important to think about the legacy you leave behind, whether it is when you move from one job to the next, or one life to the next.

Vol 8, Num 5 May 2008

I recently stayed in a very large hotel, one of the more established, recognized and successful chains in the world. Not unusual for me to stay in a hotel, as I am on the road so much, but my observations from my stay there I thought were worthy of this months newsletter.
Checking in this hotel was excellent, very efficient. The staff was courteous, the room was great, and featured all the bells and whistles. I switched on the TV in the room and before you could click on the channels there was an infomercial for the hotel expressing “extraordinary” service from the concierge at the hotel, no request would be too much trouble. In fact they over dramatized this on their infomercial showing how their staff would go beyond the call of duty to satisfy a guests needs and request.

Vol 8, Num 4 – April 2008

OPCDET: Meeting people from all walks of life over the past 30 plus years has taught me many valuable lessons and given me great insight. One constant truth that stands out for me is that Ordinary People Can Do Extraordinary Things. I have seen it demonstrated time and time again. Achieving success is not always what you think it might be; it is what you believe it will be. Never doubt your abilities. Do not ever sell yourself short. Each one of us has an incredible gift inside of us and can truly achieve extraordinary things. We just have to dig down deep sometimes, believe in ourselves and tap in to our greatness. Remember “the impossible is just the untried”.