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Volume 4, Number 6 – November – December, 2004 Issue

Peak Performance is a commitment to your physical/mental/spiritual being and to your personal growth and development at all times. Peak performance, in my opinion it is not something you can switch on and off; it is what you commit to and strive for always. It is not just about business and achieving goals. It is also about balance between work and family, friends and fitness. Finding the right combination for each of us is personal, but I will share with you 6 Characteristics that have worked for me along the way.

Volume 4, Number 5 – September – October, 2004 Issue

These past few weeks I have marveled, as I am sure a lot of you have, at the 2004 Olympic Games that have just finished in Greece. The Greek people have so much to be proud of. They delivered a fantastic games for the entire world to enjoy, and completed all the facilities on time when many doubted that they would. The facilities, built especially for the games, like the Olympic Stadium were outstanding. The warmth and hospitality of the people of Greece, which I have experienced first hand many years ago, is as genuine and welcoming as a warm Athens summer night. Also the upgrades to the many existing public services and facilities will serve the city and its people well in the future.

Volume 4, Number 4 – July – August, 2004 Issue

The more I observe about life, the more I work with great organizations, the more I talk and listen to successful people, and the more I study great service, I have come to realize that while there are many different factors that contribute to one’s success, the one that keeps coming back to me is enthusiasm.

Volume 4, Number 3 – May – June, 2004 Issue

I believe that in business and in life, a great deal of our success is related to the connections we make and the subsequent relationships we build with people. This includes family, friends, business partners and anyone we allow to have an impact on our lives. So many people do not understand the power of relationships. They think success is all about themselves. Oh, how wrong they are! If there is one thing I have learned in my life, both personally and professionally, it is that success is all about relationships.

Volume 4, Number 2 – March – April, 2004 Issue

Born January 11th, 1934 in Shawinigan, a pulp-and-paper town on the St Maurice River northeast of Montreal, Quebec, Joseph-Jacques Jean Chretien started life in very humble beginnings. One of 19 children of Wellie Chretien and Marie Boisvert, 10 of whom died in infancy, Jean was sent at an early age to attend a Catholic boarding school, in the surrounding area.

Volume 4, Number 1 January – February, 2004 Issue

New Year is that time of year when we all make commitments to do things differently or change a habit. For those of you in sales, this may include new ways to achieve your goals, and this article is written for you. But the principles are true even if you are not in sales, so please read on.