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Volume 2: Nov/Dec 2002 Issue

Today, just delivering customer service is not enough. It takes a lot more to win the heart, mind and loyalty of your customer. You have to work hard to build trust with your customer, you have to work harder to nurture the win-win relationship, and your entire focus needs to be on making your customers and clients feel so important and special that they would not want to go anywhere else; then, and only then, will they go beyond just wanting your product or service to recommending and introducing you to others as well. Customer satisfaction and retention is the key to keeping and growing your organization or business. Customer service is not a choice in today’s highly competitive world, it is a necessity. It is a commitment to excellence every time you pick up that phone, try to sell your product or service, speak to the customer, or answer your customer’s questions or concerns. Customer service is how you present yourself in both formal and informal settings.

Volume 2: Number 5: September – October 2002

I have had the unique opportunity over the years to work with and/or study some of the smartest and most successful business people spanning many industries. I have been able to apply and practice this learning in my own business and sales success. Based on this experience I have deduced that these six rules, or powerful P’s, are truly the building blocks for success. Yes, they may be articulated differently, however, it is these same six things I have seen used by very successful companies, both small and large. They work equally as well for an entrepreneur just getting started or the sales professional, as the large corporation that wants to take their business to the next level. If you follow them, and that is the operative word, follow them… will not go to far wrong.

Volume 2: Number 4: July – August 2002

Sometimes I think we may feel that we have to do the big things in life to stand out from the crowd, to make a difference, but in my experience I have found that it is the little things that we do on a consistent basis that are usually the most powerful. I would like to share with you 8 ways that I have found help you stand out from the crowd. Some are based on my own personal and professional experience, and some I have observed in other people who I admire and respect. Make your own list, compare, but the main point of the exercise is to integrate the points in to your daily life and the key to its success is by implementing them.

Volume 2: Number 3: May-June 2002

Canadian born actor, Jim Carrey, is today one of the highest paid and most famous movie stars in the world, but success did not come easy for Jim. He had to leave school in Grade 9 to help his working class parents make ends meet once his father lost his job. One of his first jobs was as a janitor.

Volume 2: Number 2: March-April 2002

We hear a lot today about being your best, taking care of business, achieving success, performing at your peak. What we don’t always hear is what it takes to sustain peak performance.

Volume 2: Number 1: January/February 2002

We all know about setting goals, and New Year is a time when many of us tend to make those new goals. Most of the time we make them with great intentions. We have high hopes for success, and we get excited. We join that health club to get in shape or to lose those extra few pounds. We make that career change, doing that one special thing we have always dreamed about. We all want to achieve our dreams, hopes and aspirations, but for one reason or the other we frequently never see those goals that are so important to us through to action.